Dharana MINBOS

The De-Stress & Sleep Program 

Length of stay: 5/7/14 nights

A comprehensive and integrative holistic program; for city dwellers under stress or at a high risk of contracting a major illness. This program works as a preventive tool that helps understand stress, its effects and ways to combat and eliminate it through holistic experiences and lifestyle changes to optimize your discovery of true inner peace in a practical way. Learn techniques to combat day-to-day life stress through simple and effective yogic practices, reduce cortisol levels & promote endorphins through a balanced diet, improve gut health through stress relief practices.


To expel the cumulative stress hormones such as cortisol by adopting eliminative therapies & enhancing the endorphins & balancing Melatonin thus creating a harmonious Circadian bio Rhythm

To condition the mind & body to focus on how to combat stress & negative impacts in the practical world without getting impacted by the harmful effects of the same like insomnia, hypertension, and diabetes lifestyle disorders

Science & Approach

Evaluate & analyze the levels of Oxidative – Cognitive Stress & aggregated toxins in the body by performing specific non-invasive tests & thus drawing a goal based remedial measures of customized & integrative De- stress & Sleep therapies.

Master mindful thinking, adopt healthy eating habits, thus embarking on an optimal stress relief which will continue as a habit with you even after the completion of the program


Luxury 5-Star accommodation in a private one-bedroom villa

Three organic, farm-to-table meals per day, plus healthy nutritional snacks (individualized to your specific dietary needs)

Access to full retreat amenities

Welcome package including dharana  tote bag

Comprehensive medical assessment to include Ayurveda or Naturopathy and Nutritional consultations

Comprehensive pre-arrival health and lifestyle questionnaire

Complete body composition test and analysis to include Ayurvedic 3-Point Pulse Analysis, Iridiagnosis and Spectrophotometry Analysis (applicable to 7 & 14 nights only)

Anti-Stress Herbal Supplement

Blood laboratory tests with analysis and follow-up testing recommendations (on specific programmes)

Cupping therapy, Panchakosha Balancing Reflexology (applicable to 7 & 14 nights only)

Yoga, guided meditation and Pranayama sessions

Ayurveda Therapies (The number of therapies and nature of the therapies are subject to the length of stay)

Personalized health and fitness plan to include conservation walks and hikes

Daily educational wellness workshops and lectures with our experts

Healthy eating plans from our nutritionist, including farm garden workshops and cooking classes

Departure consultations, tailored take home advice and supplement set

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