Dharana Life

Length of stay: 3/5 nights

Embark on a healthy life Journey as a first step to self-discovery, to reconnect with yourself & create mindfulness in everything you do. The Dharana Way of Life you learn from our experts during the Dharana Life program is a continuation of the program even after you return home, as these learnings will empower you with knowledge & art of being mindful & adopting healthier choices.


Motivate individuals to take their first step towards learning the Dharana approach & Way of Life by embracing a healthy lifestyle & giving up the health impacting detractors or poor habits.

Adapt to slow down in a conducive environment, where the focus is on detaching from the daily monotonous routine and connect with self & nature.

Science & Approach

Working with a focused approach, Dharana wellness experts integrate the essential philosophical, spiritual and artistic wisdom of health & wellness with contemporary, life enhancing practices and modern diagnostics, paving the way towards a wholesome holistic and preventive healing experience by understanding each and every individual and what they aim to achieve.

A personalized Dinacharya (Daily plan) is drawn out after the consultation, which incorporates individual diet, healing practices & healthy physical activities.


Luxury 5-Star accommodation in a private one-bedroom villa

Three organic, farm-to-table meals per day, plus healthy nutritional snacks (individualized to your specific dietary needs)

Access to full retreat amenities

Comprehensive medical assessment to include Ayurveda or Naturopathy and Nutritional consultations

Comprehensive pre-arrival health and lifestyle questionnaire

Complete body composition test and analysis to include Ayurvedic 3-Point Pulse Analysis

Yoga, guided meditation and Pranayama sessions

Ayurveda Therapies

Personalized health and fitness plan to include conservation walks and hikes

Departure consultations, tailored take home advice and supplement set

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