Art of Detox

Length of stay: 5/7/14 nights

Evaluate, analyze and correct the levels of Oxidatives that suffocate your whole system and hamper the absorptions of essential nutrients & thus causing severe sluggishness in metabolism & gastric fire through our non-conventional detoxification process.


Learn the Art of Detox, as you embark & adopt the transformational Dharana way of Life which focuses on your eating habits giving you a detailed understanding of the micro & macro nutritional perspective of diet, thus embarking on an optimal detoxification which will continue as a habit with you even after the completion of the program

Reach optimal levels of digestive and metabolic functions & enhanced cognition to sustain immunity, health & wellbeing.

Science & Approach

Gut being the core of all digestive activities is vulnerable to the toxic accumulation & inflammation. Your gut is put to a momentary rest through our unique Dharana Dietetic approach adopting wholesome, yet simple essential food from both Dosha & Modern nutritional approach.

Improve the PH levels, thus reducing the acids further down & thus decreasing the inflammation. Enhancement of the blood & lymph circulation is achieved, triggering the liver to filter out the toxins, optimize the good microbes enhance the bowel movements & cleanse the colon finally.


Luxury 5-Star accommodation in a private one-bedroom villa

Three organic, farm-to-table meals per day, plus healthy nutritional snacks (individualized to your specific dietary needs)

Access to full retreat amenities

Welcome package including dharana  tote bag

Comprehensive medical assessment to include Ayurveda or Naturopathy and Nutritional consultations

Comprehensive pre-arrival health and lifestyle questionnaire

Complete body composition test and analysis to include Ayurvedic 3-Point Pulse Analysis, Iridiagnosis and Spectrophotometry Analysis (applicable to 7 & 14 nights only)

Blood laboratory tests with analysis and follow-up testing recommendations (on specific programmes)

Hydro colon Cleansing

Yoga, guided meditation and Pranayama sessions

Ayurveda Therapies (The number of therapies and nature of the therapies are subject to the length of stay)

Personalized health and fitness plan to include conservation walks and hikes

Daily educational wellness workshops and lectures with our experts

Healthy eating plans from our nutritionist, including farm garden workshops and cooking classes

Departure consultations, tailored take home advice and supplement set

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